We love how our sons are using their giving money. The banks have worked beautifully. In fact, two weeks ago, we took the Savings out and went to the bank to open an account for our youngest (my 8-year-old already had one). They were both very excited. I also love how they’ve used the “Giving” money. It’s been great!
Our church loves learning the “ins and outs” together. Dottie did a wonderful job of teaching the Moms & Mentors at Northwest Bible Church the importance of raising our children to manage God’s money. Our group has mothers with a wide range of ages and this program can be started at any age. It has been fun as a group to hear stories of our children learning the ins and outs of spending and saving our finances.
Yesterday I wish you could have seen our twins' banking victory of giant proportions. Our girls (age 5) have been saving for an outdoor wooden play set for two years and yesterday we were able to buy it. Between their weekly income, birthday money, selling old clothes and toys, lemonade stands, and some funds from us, they had enough money. They were so excited and so proud of themselves. Thank you for introducing the banking system to me. What a wonderful tool!
Our 3-year-old loves his banks. So far we have had 3 Pay Days. Great advice on hiding the banks …. the little guy has tried to follow me into our room to see where I keep the banks, between Pay Days, more than once!
We love the Biblical principles of stewardship. The banks have helped us tremendously to teach our daughter ( age 7) about biblical principles of financial stewardship. She says the banks have taught her that managing money is a big responsibility.
These banks taught my sons how fast money goes away. Things are going great with the banks. The boys (ages 5 & 6) already know their Bible verses by heart and keep me on track with giving them their income. They are really learning the role of each bank and why we put money there. They are also learning how quickly money goes away.
Our review is a resounding thumbs up!!! Thanks so much for allowing my family to use Faith & Finances for Kids®. We did the whole set-up process. The girls (ages 6 & 8) LOVED it and so did I. They are excited to start the program. Our review is a resounding thumbs up! God bless you as you continue to share this great message with the world.
The color-coding, Bible verses and the way it is put together in an organized finance kit is an excellent “life lessons” teaching tool to raise kids with. We're really excited to be teaching our son and daughter (ages 6 & 8) something so important, and something that we did not learn until later in life.
It is easy to be consistent and to follow through. The most helpful thing about the banks is that it gives format and structure to teaching God’s truth about money to our children. The weekly pay days provide consistency. The well thought-out system makes it possible to follow through. We have just finished our first year with the banks. How fun it was for us to notice the date written down on the pledge that each girl signed and realize how much we have learned this past year. Even more fun was for our 6-year-old to count her savings, over $31, and realize that it grew $ .60 at a time. The truth to the verse, “Gather wealth little by little” really hit home with her. Love the banks!
The banks provide a natural bridge to share family finances and offer teaching moments for our girls (ages 8 & 10). Recently our younger daughter asked to borrow some money at the Dollar Store. It was the perfect moment to naturally explain how borrowing money can lead to debt which is not a good thing. She now refers to debt as the “D” word. In the same outing she asked, “Well how do Grampa and Gramma live? They don’t work to earn money.” I explained that they have been saving all their lives in the same way she is saving money in her green Savings bank. Great teaching moments. Love the banks!
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