Not Just for Kids

These banks have had a positive impact on how our family manages our own finances. This same Mom said to her husband, “You know, honey, our daughters will only marry someone who is using Faith & Finances for Kids®.”
– Miranda Mc. ( Spring, TX )

New Customers

Note: The Parent's Kit and Kid's Kit depend on each other to make sense. Therefore we do not sell either kit separately on initial orders.

Step 1: Parent's Kit

As a new customer, you will need only 1 Parent Kit per family.

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Step 2: Kits for Kids

Now find the age(s) of your kids below to assist you in ordering their kits. Each child participating needs his/her own kit(s).

 Ages 3 – 6th Grade:

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 7th Grade – Adult:

If your kids are already in 7th grade or higher, they will need to order both a Kid's Kit (above) and the TTAK Kit (below) since they will be used simultaneously during 7th – 9th grade. The Kid's Kit (like Algebra I) provides the foundation while the TTAK Kit (like Algebra II) builds on those principles and helps with transition to on-line banking in 10th grade.

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Age 3 - Adults

Faith & Finances for Kids®

Pay Day Video
Braden – Age 3

Stewardship Principles

Faith & Finances for Kids® teaches children that...

  1. God owns everything we have.
  2. God loans everything we have.
  3. God wants us to be content with what we have.
  4. God wants us to take good care of what we have.
  5. Someday God is going to tell us how we did, and we want to hear Him say, “Well done.
Matthew 25:21