Kids Say the Funniest Things...

Giving Bank: Chase, Age 3

When Chase’s Mom told the boys to fill their backpacks with things to do in the car during their vacation, Chase put his banks inside his backpack. When his Mom asked him why he did that, he said, “I need my Giving Bank in case I see God.”


The goal of Faith & Finances for Kids® is to help parents teach their kids, age 3 - Adult, how to be faithful stewards of God's money and things so they can be free from the burden of debt, glorify God and hear Him say,

A personal testimony:

“When I was 3 years old my parents designed this system to teach me how to manage God’s money and things in a way that would please Him. Today, 30 years later, my wife Rachel and I continue to manage the same 4 areas of Giving, Savings, Reserves and Allowance and are passing these truths on to our kids – the 3rd generation.”

–Doug Jones

Generation to Generation     Psalm 78:3-7


Pay Day Video: Braden – Age 3

Why Faith & Finances for Kids® is Unique:

  • Teaches kids how to "manage an income" rather than just "spend an allowance"
  • Uses 4 banks instead of 3 banks so kids learn how to avoid debt
  • Teaches a strong work ethic without pay
  • Minimizes entitlement and instant gratification

Faith & Finances for Kids® includes the following tools:

Parent's Kit

Kid's Kit


(Tweens, Teens, and Adult Kids)

What people are saying:

  • Finally something that really works!
  • Easy and fun for both parents and kids
  • Thanks for giving us a gift that will last a lifetime

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Age 3 - Adults

Faith & Finances for Kids®

Stewardship Principles

Faith & Finances for Kids® teaches children that...

  1. God owns everything we have.
  2. God loans everything we have.
  3. God wants us to be content with what we have.
  4. God wants us to take good care of what we have.
  5. Someday God is going to tell us how we did, and we want to hear Him say, “Well done.
Matthew 25:21