Kids Say the Funniest Things...

Giving Bank: Chase, Age 3
When Chase’s Mom told the boys to fill their backpacks with things to do in the car during their vacation, Chase put his banks inside his backpack. When his Mom asked him why he did that, he said, “I need my Giving Bank in case I see God.”

Savings Bank: Kevin, Age 8
When Kevin’s Mom told him he needed to go to bed so he could get good grades in school, go to college and get a good job when he grew up, Kevin said he wouldn’t need a job. When his Mom asked why, he said, “Mom, I will have SO much money already saved up I won’t need a job.”

Reserves Bank: Jesse, Age 8
When Bonni found her entrepreneurial son tying balloons into the shape of animals to sell the next day in his front yard, she asked him why he was tying them in the dark. He said, “I don’t want Dad charging me for the utilities.”

Reserves Bank: Ellie, Age 8
When Ellie asked her Mom if she could borrow some money, her mom said, “No” and explained to her that that is called Debt. The next day Ellie couldn't remember the word and said to her Mom – you know that “D” word.

Allowance Bank: Emily, Age 6
When Emily’s Mom asked her if she was going to buy the small sparkly coin purse she was holding in her hand at the boutique store, Emily said, “No, it costs $3.00 and that’s all I brought. Besides, it’s a little too pricey.” Now where do you suppose she has heard the word pricey before?

Family Tax Treasury: Mike, Age 7
When Mike’s Mom asked him what was the matter, he said, “I can’t wait until August is over.” Puzzled, his Mom asked him why? He said, “I am so tired of paying taxes.” Now doesn’t that sound familiar?

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