The goal of Faith & Finances for Kids® is to help parents teach their kids, age 3 - Adult, how to be good stewards of God's money and things so they can be free from the burden of debt, glorify God and hear Him say,

A personal testimony:

“My parents designed this system to teach me how to manage money starting at age 3. Today my beautiful wife, Rachel, and I still manage the same four areas of Giving, Savings, Reserves and Allowance that I learned 24 years ago. We look forward to passing these truths on to our son.”

–Doug Jones

Why Faith & Finances for Kids® is Unique:

  • Teaches kids how to "manage an income" rather than just "spend an allowance"
  • Uses 4 banks instead of 3 banks so kids learn how to avoid debt
  • Teaches a strong work ethic without pay
  • Minimizes entitlement and instant gratification

Faith & Finances for Kids® includes the following tools:

Parent's Kit

Kid's Kit


(Tweens, Teens, and Adult Kids)

What people are saying:

  • Finally something that really works!
  • Easy and fun for both parents and kids
  • Thanks for giving us a gift that will last a lifetime